Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA
Photographer: Mike Lynaugh
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Confederate Memorial Confederate Memorial Confederate Memorial Confederate Memorial
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The Dead of Gettysburg The Dead of Gettysburg General Garnett Pvt Lewis Carter
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Pvt Lewis Deal (Pickett's Charge) Jefferson Jessee Fate Denied them Victory General Pickett
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General Pickett Wife of General Pickett Unknown dead of Seven Pines Capt Eusebius Fowlkes
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Jewish Confederates The Iron Dog Hollywood Cemetery Hollywood Cemetery
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Hollywood Cemetery Hollywood Cemetery Jefferson Davis Davis' family plot
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Varina Davis' grave Jefferson Davis Varina Davis' grave Varina Davis' grave
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Jefferson Davis Fitz-Hugh Lee Fitz-Hugh Lee Fitz-Hugh Lee
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Richmond Skyline Hollywood Cemetery Davis & Grant (irony?) Lewis Ginter's grave
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Hollywood Cemetery Hollywood Cemetery The James River Richmond Skyline
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Hunter McGuire's grave Hunter McGuire's grave Douglas Southall Freeman Hollywood Cemetery
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JEB Stuart's grave JEB Stuart's grave JEB Stuart's grave JEB Stuart's grave
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Confederate Officers Hollywood Cemetery Dr. Trevillian's grave Hollywood Cemetery
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The Dream Girl Hollywood Cemetery 6 month old baby's grave Hollywood Cemetery
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William Brian Issacs Hollywood Cemetery President James Monroe President James Monroe
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President James Monroe President James Monroe President John Tyler President John Tyler
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Matthew Fontaine Maury Hollywood Cemetery Hollywood Cemetery Hollywood Cemetery
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Hollywood Cemetery Hollywood Cemetery Briggs Hollywood Cemetery
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Children of General Longstreet

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Children of General Longstreet General John Imboden