August 5, 2003 - Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, responds to a reporter's question about if he can tell any details about the search for Saddam Hussein.  The Secretary replied, "Well, I can. It's interesting. I mean, someone says, "Are you getting closer?" And some people say yes and some people say no, and I say I don't know, because you don't know if you're closer till you get him. And I find the whole thing kind of amusing. I noticed -- you've got to appreciate the folks that are trying to find him are enthusiastic. And they think they're getting closer. And I'm for that! I like that enthusiasm. But if you ask me -- (laughter) -- "Are we getting closer?," I'll say, "I'll let you know when we catch him." Until you have him, you don't have him. And we need to find him, and we're going to find him."

Mike Lynaugh