Buffalo Sabres at Toronto Maple Leafs
Air Canada Centre - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Photographer: Mike Lynaugh

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Gaustad interviewed on MSG Nathan Paetsch Ryan Miller
IMG_9629 IMG_9634 IMG_9641
Daniel Briere Maxim Afinogenov Daniel Briere
IMG_9644 IMG_9649 IMG_9662
Chris Drury Teppo Numminen Daniel Briere
IMG_9665 IMG_9673 IMG_9693
Paul Gaustad Here we go Team Canada Juniors
IMG_9697 IMG_9698 IMG_9700
Briere congratulates team CA Ceremonial first puck drop Briere congratulates team CA
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Maxim Afinogenov Maxim Afinogenov Lydman & Battaglia
IMG_9729 IMG_9735 IMG_9741
Lydman & Newbury Ben Ondrus Buffalo strikes first
IMG_9742 IMG_9746 IMG_9748
Kalinin is congratulated 39 seconds later.... Buffalo strikes again
IMG_9752 IMG_9753 IMG_9759
Sabres celebrate Buffalo 2 - Leafs 0 Biron stops Devereaux
IMG_9764 IMG_9771 IMG_9776
Biron mkes a save Daniel Briere Boyd Devereaux
IMG_9780 IMG_9783 IMG_9784
Getting the puck out of traffic O'Neill & Campbell O'Neill & Campbell
IMG_9792 IMG_9794 IMG_9795
Paul Gaustad Paul Gaustad Stajan makes a little snow
IMG_9796 IMG_9800 IMG_9803
The Sabres bench Daniel Briere Afinogenov fights back
IMG_9806 IMG_9808 IMG_9812
Stajan slams Kalinin Chad Kilger Mair & Sundin
IMG_9814 IMG_9816 IMG_9817
Mats Sundin Mats Sundin Mats Sundin
IMG_9818 IMG_9823 IMG_9828
Bates Battaglia Stajan & Paetsch Numminen holds O'Neill
IMG_9831 IMG_9833 IMG_9837
Mats Sundin Martin Biron Campbell blocks a shot
IMG_9846 IMG_9849 IMG_9852
Colaiacovo scores at 17:49 Leafs celebrate Thomas Vanek
IMG_9853 IMG_9854 IMG_9866
The Sabres bench Martin Biron Here comes the 2nd period
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Air Canada Centre jumbotron Paul Gaustad Paul Gaustad
IMG_9877 IMG_9878 IMG_9879
Andrew Raycroft Jason Pominville Bates Battaglia
IMG_9884 IMG_9887 IMG_9890
Thomas Vanek Sabres score again I found a Sabres fan!
IMG_9896 IMG_9897 IMG_9901
Mair & Ondrus go at it Ondrus takes down Mair Mair comes up swinging
IMG_9912 IMG_9916 IMG_9917
Briere & Vanek Kaberle & Briere Kubina & Briere
IMG_9918 IMG_9919 IMG_9920
Kubina goes down Daniel Briere Daniel Briere
IMG_9921 IMG_9929 IMG_9935
Paul Gaustad Maxim Afinogenov Derek Roy
IMG_9941 IMG_9943 IMG_9950
Raycroft makes a save Kotalik is down in the crease Maxim Afinogenov
IMG_9952 IMG_9955 IMG_9956
Leafs score on the P.P. Leafs celebrate Buffalo 3 - Leafs 2
IMG_9963 IMG_9967 IMG_9968
Stajan & Afinogenov Sabres called offsides Gaustad was driving to the net
IMG_9969 IMG_9970 IMG_9974
Ales Kotalik Gaustad & Kubina Pominville races forward
IMG_9980 IMG_9982 IMG_9985
Kotalik scores Kotalik & Gaustad Sabres 4 - Leafs 2
IMG_9992 IMG_9998 zIMG_0001
Steen & Novotny Chris Drury Drury & McCabe
zIMG_0004 zIMG_0006 zIMG_0015
Pavel Kubina Paul Gaustad Mats Sundin
zIMG_0016 zIMG_0018 zIMG_0020
Mats Sundin O'Neill races for the puck Biron makes the save
zIMG_0026 zIMG_0029 zIMG_0031
Dmitri Kalinin Paetsch & Battaglia Paetsch & Battaglia
zIMG_0041 zIMG_0043 zIMG_0047
Biron saves another one Putting the pressure on Biron Kaberle & Numminen
zIMG_0053 zIMG_0060 zIMG_0070
Jeff O'Neill Paetsch & Devereaux The Leafs bench
zIMG_0075 zIMG_0078 zIMG_0079
Kris Newbury Paul Gaustad Gaustad & Campbell
zIMG_0081 zIMG_0084 zIMG_0085
Boyd Devereaux John Pohl Bates Battaglia
zIMG_0091 zIMG_0093 zIMG_0101
Biron makes another save The puck is still loose Daniel Briere
zIMG_0108 zIMG_0115 zIMG_0120
Stajan & Biron Kubina rips a shot at Biron Kalinin & Sundin
zIMG_0126 zIMG_0127 zIMG_0131
One gets past Biron Leafs score Leafs celebrate
zIMG_0134 zIMG_0140 zIMG_0144
The pressure is on Briere checks Kubina Carlton cheers on the Leafs
zIMG_0156 zIMG_0160 zIMG_0161
Gaustad & Kotalik plan Jeff O'Neill Numminen goes down
zIMG_0163 zIMG_0172 zIMG_0178
That started another scuff Paul Gaustad Let's go Buff-a-lo
zIMG_0180 zIMG_0189 zIMG_0191
Buffalo calls a time-out Lydman dives to block a shot Pohl gets the puck
zIMG_0194 zIMG_0195 zIMG_0196
Lydman dives to block the shot Lydman playing hard defense Where did McCabe's shot go?
zIMG_0197 zIMG_0200 zIMG_0201
Biron covers it up Campbell protects Biron Campbell & Steen
zIMG_0203 zIMG_0206 zIMG_0208
Sundin breaks it up hard 4.7 seconds left Leafs try their best
zIMG_0209 zIMG_0213 zIMG_0216
Biron makes the save Sabres win 4-3 Lydman in the locker room
zIMG_0224 zIMG_0225 zIMG_0227
Biron getting interviewed The press mobs Biron Spacek gets interviewed
zIMG_0233 zIMG_0231 zIMG_0234
Biron still being interviewed Briere gets interviewed The mob around Briere
The Air Canada Centre