Richmond, VA - The Governor's Mansion

Washington, DC - Company E, 4th U.S. Colored Infantry, at Fort Lincoln

Gettysburg, PA - Dead Confederate Soldiers by the Emmetsburg Road

Petersburg, VA - Two youthful military telegraph operators at headquarters

Spotsylvania, VA - "Council of War": Gen. Ulysses S. Grant examining map held by Gen. George G. Meade at the Massaponax Church.

Petersburg, VA - The "Dictator"

Antietam, MD - Confederate dead by a fence on the Hagerstown road

Washington, DC - Infantry units with fixed bayonets passing on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Washington, DC - Soldier springing the trap on Wirz; men in trees and Capitol dome beyond

Petersburg, VA - The execution of William Johnson, Jordan's farm.  William Johnson, a black union soldier, was executed for the attempted rape of a white woman.

Gettysburg, PA - John L. Burns, the "old hero of Gettysburg," with gun and crutches.  John L. Burns was a civilian and when the war came to Gettysburg, he dropped everything and took up arms with the Union army to help fight off the Confederates and push them out of his town.

Fort Pulaski, GA - The "Beauregard" gun

Richmond, VA - Residence of Gen. Robert E. Lee (707 East Franklin Street).

Richmond, VA - Washington Monument on the grounds of the Virginia State House; St. Paul's Church in left background

Gettysburg, PA - The center of the Federal position viewed from Little Round Top

Atlanta, GA - "Auction & Negro Sales", Whitehall Street.

Richmond, VA - Ruined buildings in the burned district of Richmond.

Washington, DC - Soldier springing the trap, executing Captain Henry Wirz; men in trees and Capitol dome beyond.  Captain Wirz was the commandant of the Confederate prison,  Andersonville. After the war he became one of the first men in history to be tried and executed for what would today be called "war crimes".

Fredericksburg, VA - Marye house, with rifle pits in front.  Marye's house was the central defensive position during the Union army's attack on the Confederates in Fredericksburg in December 1862.  The Confederates had cannons positioned on this hill and the famous stone wall was at the base where it had riflemen.  In the entire attack, not a single Union soldier reached the wall.

Petersburg, VA - Entrance to ammunition magazine at Fort Brady