Sunrise over the Peach Orchard.
Sunrise over Cemetery Ridge.
The North Carolina Monument along Seminary Ridge.
A Pennsylvania monument along the angle.
Early morning view from Seminary Ridge.
A monument to Winslow's Battery located in the Wheatfield.
A northwesterly view from the summit of Little Round Top.
The angle, this is where Pickett's brigade crossed over the wall and engaged in hand-to-hand combat with Union troops.
The monument to the 4th Maine, located near Devil's Den.
An infrared photograph of the McPherson Barn.
The Longstreet Monument located along West Confederate Avenue.
A monument to General Reynolds, located near McPherson's Ridge.
East Cemetery Hill as seen from Stephen's Knoll.
An autumn view of Devil's Den, as seen from Little Round Top.
The Cordori Farm.
A Monument to the 5th Michigan located just at the edge of the Wheatfield.
The monument to General Meade located along Cemetery Ridge.
East Cowvalry Field.
A monument to the 49th N.Y. located along the lost avenue.
The North Carolina Monument.
A monument to the Iron Brigade located near McPherson's Woods.
The 171 graves of the fallen from Michigan located at the Gettysburg National Cemetery.
Little Round Top as seen from Houke's Ridge.
The marker showing the location of the first shot fired in the Battle of Gettysburg.
Luke at the 3rd Michigan monument in the Peach Orchard.
Monument to the 1st Michigan.  The Rose farm can be seen in the background.
Monument to the 4th Michigan at the Wheatfield.
Luke in the Triangular Field.
McPherson's Barn.
40th NY monument in the Plum Run Valley.
16th Michigan monument located on Little Round Top.
The triangular field.
The monument to the 20th Massachusetts.  
The Cemetery Gatehouse from Luke's Tree.
Devil's Den from Little Round Top - photo taken by Luke Venechuk.
Rigby's Maryland Light Artillery, Battery A, located on Powers Hill.
Spring blooms on Little Round Top.
7th Maine monument along the Lost Avenue.
The Cobblestone.

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