Flight Operations on the U.S.S. George Washington - CVN-73
Photographer: Mike Lynaugh - October 1, 2016
Here are my photos from an absoluetly amazing day out in the Atlantic Ocean on the United States aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. George Washington (CVN-73). I received an invitation to spend 14 hours onboard by a very good friend, and in addition to being exciting, it was a very educational experience. I loved seeing the inner workings of life onboard a carrier, and having the opportunity to be a part of this side of our military that not many get to see.

One thing I would like to point out, an aircraft carrier is not just an instrument of war, but also peace. As I write this, just 4 days after leaving the carrier, the George Washington is currently heading down to Haiti to support the disaster relief effort following the devistating impact of Hurricane Matthew on that island.

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